Virtuals Gift Guide !

Virtuals Gift Guide !

SOOOOO I made a Tik Tok of pretty much everything i ever wanted to be gifted , Im going to make a more cleaner layout so the products are easier to find. Disclaimer IM aware ! that not all of these are "weird" or "creepy" they are just things I like as a weirdo XD.

starting off strong ;

1) These moth hair clips , I never seen something so delicate and pretty like wtf , one word C U N T , idc what anyone says they

2 ) Has been and will always be a cute Little Blythe Doll , i know they are a pain in the ass to not only fucking find but to buy but i dont care to find a one that looks like me i just want one lol , and this take got me some heat on tik tok for some odd reason like let me be delulu ! ( no link for this one because everyone got upset )

3)Taxidermy insects, I think for decor they add a aspect thats strange but can tie your space together by making it more homey/ nature vibes , Only the ones in frames ofc ! here are some links to a few;

4)Now this one is going to be longer because I have a love for trinkets ( esp deer )but there are other things to be considered trinkets like snow globes ,music boxes, photo frames ... um you know ,, i think they make a weirdly comforting gift , I have this view on things like trinkets thats kinda strange but its kinda like adopting a pet , this object is most likely gonna spend your lifetime with you , then one day its gonna be passed to someone else.Id like to think all the small things will remember me. Here are some links and ideas

5) So this one also got me in some hot water on tik tok , and thats wet specimens :3 This kinda ties Along with taxidermy and trinkets so i wont dive super deep into this but here are the most coquette versions of the wet specimens I found online ;


6)Vintage Journals , now you can find a good cute journal anywhere really so im not gonna dive deep into this one .. but yk


7) Jewelry/Jewelry boxes , I love a good storage situation idk it just yells like something idek what it yells , Im not big on jewelry though the best thing I can recommend is vintage antique jewelry like lockets and charms pairing that with a nice box to store


8)OK yall dont even think im just a advertiser ... but some weird tights , it just so happens i make them ... XD


9)Now this one is a concept your gonna have to read and listen to,  A cute doll house , I would prefer a bigger one .. now you can buy a doll house or you can customize it to the person your giving it too , like their life stages .. tell me thats not from the heart ... ok.


10) This one is more aimed to horror fans but some cute Vhs Movies / and or Vhs player , I think this one is more for the people who simply enjoy the trinkets and look of things , DO NOT DO THIS FOR SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT LIKE CLUTTER !.


11) Vintage vanity boxes and vintage suitcases , I really enjoy things i can use so I am assuming other people fee the same way I do , these are so cute and a great idea for  people who enjoy vintage things !.


12)Dream Giggles Pillows !!! they add a sense of Alice in wonderland ! shes also an amazing person who does a lot of activism things so it should make you wanna support her more i guess.



13)Bedding and quilts , I think a quilt or blanket of some sort is always a cute gift idea even more so when its wrapped nicely , here are some


Heart quilt :

14) Jars and Dish shit So I do not wanna do a bunch of trinkets but these bear jars that are kinda rare were listed up on ebay , I think a cute gift is always a mug if you dont wanna ball out cause whos not gonna use a mug .... here are some I found that I 


15)Heart Shelving units , ok so i was asked about these A LOT so I did everyone a favor and I linked them ! here they are !:


16) ART BOOKS literally any type of book ! insect books , Horror books , vintage books !, A BOOK ! 

OK thats pretty much all I got , Im always thinking of things I want , Im really simple , I think a lot of cailco critters would do it for me or a big teddy bear , Im a simple lad ... idk that was this blog post , bye guys !.

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